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This is the beginning of your local advertiser, The Blarney Advertiser available in selected locations across Ireland. The Advertiser is available online.

Your Local Advertiser – The Blarney Advertiser offers you an up-to-date experience to find what’s on, what’s for sale, recommended trade persons to locate the rated trade person for the project of choice, where to watch important matches in the finest pubs, where to eat out or even explore the local café culture.

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About Blarney

About Blarney

Blarney, or the Irish version ‘An Bhlarna’, meaning ‘the little field’ is a town and townland within the boundaries of Cork City, Ireland. Blarney is famed as the site of Blarney Castle, a thousand acre park with magnificent lakes, gardens and woodland.

About Barney

It is from this small picturesque Irish village that the word ‘blarney’ derived- before being added officially to the English dictionary!

Blarney, or the Irish version ‘An Bhlarna’, meaning ‘the little field’ is a town and townland within the boundaries of Cork City, Ireland. Blarney is famed as the site of Blarney Castle, a thousand acre park with magnificent lakes, gardens and woodland. The castle houses the even more famous or infamous Blarney stone in its battlements. It is said that those who kiss the stone will receive the gift of eloquence. Chieftain MacCarthy the owner of Blarney castle, being pressurised by Queen Elizabeth 1 to pledge allegiance to the crown, managed to circumvent her demands with flattery and eloquence forcing her to eventually protest in frustration “Odds bodkins, more Blarney talk. What he says, he never means!” and so a new phrase entered the English language and the English dictionary!

History of Blarney

Blarney village in olden times was home to a number of spinning & weaving mills due to its natural setting on the River Martin and the Shournagh River as a source of power for the machines. Thus, in 1765 Blarney village was actually built for the mill workers and Blarney celebrated 250 years as a village in 2015. The village centres round the well preserved Tudor style village square – a large green area wherein tourists and locals alike congregate in the summer months. ‘Blarney’ meaning flattering or persuasive talk, visitors can now assume they are standing within the very hub of communication and eloquence!

Blarney Map

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